mardi 10 février 2009

November 2008

My mom and her partner went to Rome for a week and I offered to dog-sit their cuty doggy they have had since last summer. They got him from a young woman that had offered it to her mother but the last one, sick and already with a dog, did not want to keep it. They are missing a great dog, he is a year and a half and he is great! He jumps all day, he is a genius at stealing things and it pisses us off quite often =) - we think he has been trained by Romanian people lol - he is dynamic, has soft and curly hairs like a sheep and loves when I play with him and is always very happy when he sees me!

But... Sisi and Austin, are not made for leaving with each other so far, she is afraid of everything and shy, he is a hunter and loves to play, so after a first chase, the very first day, I decided they could not be again in the same room. I spent an awful week because of that. Leaving with Sisi OR with Austin is nice but with both of them, kept me at home for 5 days in a row to avoid a catastrophe!

Here are some memories of his stay at home:

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Crystal a dit…

so cute!

Gourmet Girlfriend a dit…

I live in California and think we have some similar interests. Thank you for your photos. I like the flower pictures. What's your favorite restaurant?